Schneider Vijeo Designer

Unity Pro´s welcome screen provides access to all available tools in a user-friendly format that has been redesigned on the basis of feedback received from users of Concept and PL7 Junior/Pro application design software.


 This welcome screen consists of a general view made up of a number of windows and toolbars, which can be arranged as required on the screen:

1 : Menu bar from which all functions can be accessed

2 : Application browser, which can be used to browse the application based on a conventional and/or a functional view

3 : Toolbar consisting of icons from which the most frequently used functions can be accessed

4 : Editor windows area, which can be used to view a number of editors at the same time (configuration editor, Structured Text/Ladder etc. language editors, data editor)

5 : Tabs for direct access to editor windows

6  Information window with tabs (User errors, Import/export, Search/Replace, etc.)

7 : Status bar